Frequently Asked Question

1. Why would my company need anaccounting consulting firm?

It is very usually difficult to appoint qualified Professional Accountants
because of the expenses involved. On the other hand, without qualified
accountants, it is very difficult to be complied in terms of Income Tax, VAT
and other statutory compliances set by Government. To close this gap, we
act as back-end consultant so that you can have all the benefits of appointing
a qualified accountant without actually appointing an accountant with a
minimal cost as consultant. In this way, you can be assured that you are in
compliance with Government rules and regulations.

2. What type of companies do you work with?

We work with Start-ups, SME’s to largemanufacturing organizations.

3. What geographical areas do you service?

Our dedicated team can support you virtually literally from any point around
the world.

4. Can you support our company as Dispute settler with legal authorities?

Yes. We can facilitate the solution process of a legal dispute with
Government authorities by liaising with them and actively participating in
the smooth communication with Government officials.

5. What are your consulting rates?

We have several packages based on the revenue of your organization. Please
contact directly to know which package suits you better.